The Moffat group of companies is a global supplier of bakery and food service equipment products and services. Moffat today is a company that operates in the majority of industry sectors with the experience and knowledge gained from over 90 years of business by listening to our customers The Moffat Group consists of many of Australia’s and New Zealand’s bakery and catering equipment manufacturing brands.


The Moffat Story

The Moffat story is one that dates back to the 1920’s and the early development years of cooking and baking in Australia and New Zealand. Our factories have from the early beginning produced commercial ovens, ranges, cooktops and fryers for the local markets. Today Moffat has well developed global distribution strategies with country offices and well developed markets in the following locations.
  • Moffat New Zealand
  • Moffat Australia
  • Moffat – United States
  • Blue Seal – United kingdom
In addition to our country offices, we have alliances with key distribution partners representing our brands in the following regions/countries.
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Asia
  • Russia
  • Canada.
Moffat Australia/New Zealand operates in the following market sectors.
  • Food Service
  • Bakery
  • Healthcare – Meal Distribution
  • Ice Cream – Soft / Gelato


Rotel rotating deck ovens
Designed and manufactured in Australia the Rotel oven has been installed into bakeries for over two decades. Moffat was the first company within the Australasian region to produce a large scale rotating oven for it's local market and has revolutionised bread which was traditionally produced from tin containers and provided opportunity for mass production and introduction of retail bakery, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, clubs and government departments. One of our key clients is Bakers Delights and we also have customers in more than 20 countries for general purpose or specific dedicated functions.
Genesis automated baking system
Genesis Baking System was the designed in 1998 and is the first baking system in the world to be developed. Identifying the needs within the retail baking industry of the layout and ergonomic safety, the Moffat Genesis Baking System was developed that consists of four component machines combined into one automated plant. Designed for a fully automatic system for the hands-free production of bread, rolls, french sticks etc.. from the basic ingredients to the completed product ready to be proved and baked – major advantages of the design is the safety guarding that provides safer operation, enhances the appearance relative to existing equipment and improves in massive saving in operational space.
Convection oven platforms
Moffat is the leader in convection oven platforms since the early 1980's and bringing its technology to the rest of the world. Key global chains to adopt our convection oven technology includes Subway Bake Centre and McDonalds McCafe.
In 1981- Moffat Appliances releases at Hotel Olympia United kingdom the first convection oven that required a 13amp power supply. It was portable and offered the additional unique features of cook and hold, grilling element. The product was also portable and when launched was a unique specification.